Bringing Children Out of the Dark and Into a Future of Light.

Bbright rescues the most vulnerable children on the planet from trafficking, violence, hunger, and hopelessness. We’re on the ground for children in crisis, when and where they need us most.

Give Light. Give Hope. Change Lives.

Giving Light

Bbright shows up in the world’s darkest places.

We’re in regions where war, famine, and desperation put children in shocking conditions and threaten them with grave danger.

Giving Hope

Bbright replaces despair with a path to a future.

On their own in these dark places, children can aim only to survive. With our resources, they get to dream, laugh, grow, and prosper.

Changing Lives

Bbright breaks cycles of poverty and abuse.   

We provide children with an escape from hunger, predators, and fear. And we give them what every child deserves: nourishment, safety, education, and love.

Our Targets

We Take on The Biggest Challenges that Children Face Around the Globe.

You can fight large-scale problems by changing one young life at a time.
We know because we’re doing it.

Preventing Human Trafficking

Bbright supports safe havens in countries that are source, transit, and destination countries for human trafficking and forced child labor. We give childhood back to at-risk children.

Providing Education

In countries where education isn’t guaranteed, and career prospects are few, we help kids through primary and secondary school, plus college or vocational school. We enable them to turn a life of subsistence into a life of freedom and purpose.

Protecting Women

One of Bbright’s areas of focus is young women and girls in global crisis situations. Countries in turmoil are devastating to all kids, but girls suffer violence and discrimination more often. We give refuge and healing to girls in harm’s way.

Serving Refugees

Many of the children we serve have fled volatile countries. They’ve lost their homes, their families, and any sense of security. Bbright stands in the gap as they find their footing again.

Feeding the Hungry

Bbright provides daily meals for the children we help. All of them have witnessed or experienced the relentless nightmare of food scarcity, which is only increasing worldwide.

Fostering Discipleship

We partner with international Christian organizations to give children a Bible-based education. We are passionate that children know Jesus, the hope he gives, the value he places on their lives, and the path he has for them.

Building Life Skills

Beyond educating children in academics and faith, Bbright supports their training in communication, emotional well-being, and personal care. These essentials help kids — especially those with traumatic pasts — manage their lives well.

Improving Local Resources

Children should be able to make a home in their corner of the world. We come alongside local leaders who are working to make a safe, nurturing environment for the young people of their country.

Learn more about how we help, and how you can too.

Our Impact

By The Numbers

In just over two years, we’ve delivered change we can measure.

Children we support
Daily meals we provide
Teens we’ve helped
graduate from high school
Young people we’ve sent to college
Refugees we’ve sheltered

Every number is a child’s life transformed.
Let’s keep these totals going.

Watch: The Story of Faith House
Mae Sot, Thailand

“Faith House is a life-changing ministry because you are not just bringing girls to Jesus Christ. You are changing their future. Here they continue to fight. They continue to dream. They continue to trust in the Lord.”

There’s a Place for You in This Story.

Rescuing children is a heavy task. With you, it’s lighter. With all of us working together, it’s a victory.

Let’s talk about how you can help.