BBright Thailand

Some of the world’s most endangered children are running to Western Thailand. Bbright is running to help them there.

Our Work in Thailand

Why We Serve Here

Our mission in Thailand is to help the displaced children from Myanmar, Thailand’s war-torn neighbor to the west.

The ongoing civil war and humanitarian crisis in Myanmar have driven thousands of its people to Thailand, where they seek care and shelter. There aren’t enough resources for everyone. Kids are easy prey in the chaos and strife.

A History of Need

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been ruled by a brutal military for nearly all its existence. And in early 2021, violence erupted once again when the military overthrew the elected government. The Burmese people protested. The military responded with arrests, force, and cruelty that continue to this day.

Fast Facts That Drive Our Work

Thai city we’re in:
Mae Sot on the Myanmar border, in the Tak province

Estimated number of Burmese refugees in Mae Sot:

Estimated percentage of Burmese refugees under 18 in Thailand:

Major risks for child refugees:
Forced labor, sexual exploitation, debt bondage

The Children We Help

In Thailand, Bbright focuses on Burmese refugee children who find their way to the Thai border. Our partners on the ground and their network of volunteers locate children in the most danger or need.

Without rescue, these children often meet a fate of trafficking, abuse, neglect, and tragedy.

Currently we help support more than 30 children in Thailand. Most of them are girls who need extra protection from their circumstances.

Our Partner in Thailand

We work with Faith House, a home and school for young women fleeing Myanmar and a life of captivity, violence, and trauma.

Faith House provides food, clothing, shelter, education, and discipleship to young Burmese women. Most of all, it provides them with astounding transformation: a loving home, a full life, and a real future.

Learn more about Faith House.

Watch: Meet Pupis
Faith House, Thailand

Her parents left her with her grandparents. Then her grandparents almost sent her to work in Bangkok. But God — and Faith House — intervened. Today she is a graduate of Chiang Mai University, a devoted Christian, and a young woman with a bright future.

Shine Your Light in Thailand.

Help Bbright save more children escaping the horror of Myanmar. You can give them the incredible gift of a new life, starting now.