About Bbright

Our singular focus is giving a future to children who otherwise have no hope.

How We Got Here

The idea for Bbright was born when our president, Brenda Tenison, was thunderstruck by a thought she had in 2019, during her first mission trip ever.

The trip was to Thailand, to a place called Faith House that ministers to Burmese girls fleeing Myanmar.

Brenda’s thought was, These girls are just like our girls in the U.S. They love their friends and cross-body purses and makeup and jeans. 

But if these girls weren’t here, they wouldn’t be at home or in school. Or at a friend’s house or shopping.

They’d be trafficked. 

The truth of it made Brenda ill. Imagine, she thought, looking at a group of American schoolgirls and knowing they had barely evaded prostitution or a sweatshop. It was appalling.

Brenda’s church, which sponsored the trip, was helping Faith House financially. But Brenda knew that the girls needed more and that Faith House could do more. She resolved to figure out what, and how.

It took a few years of planning and prayer, but in 2021, Brenda and her husband, Dave, launched Bbright, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission: is to help the world’s most vulnerable children meet basic needs, get an education, discover Jesus, and build a future they wouldn’t have otherwise.

The name “Bbright” is a nod to all the ways Brenda envisioned bringing light to desperate young lives: through learning. Through Jesus. Through newfound hope.

Bbright’s first partner was Faith House, of course. Its ministry model was already successful, and its leaders have already proven it. It just needed the fuel that Brenda was committed to providing and the partner network that she was determined to grow.

In 2023 Bbright expanded with the acquisition of Welcome The Children, a U.S. ministry serving the impoverished children of Nairobi, Kenya. Friends and former colleagues of Brenda’s had been running WTC for years and wanted to breathe new life into the organization. At the same time, Brenda had always known that Bbright wouldn’t start and end with Thailand.

So Bbright walked through the door that God had opened — we brought Africa into our mission. We continue to seek those open doors and walk through them according to God’s perfect timing.

We’re just getting started, and we invite you to walk with us.

Our Mission

Bbright exists to provide life-sustaining essentials and education to at-risk children in a Christ-centered environment.

Our Values

Here are the beliefs that guide our work with children anywhere.

Education is a Priority.

Beyond the basics of shelter, food, and clothing, at-risk children need a consistent education. Because beyond comfort, they need purpose. Education provides that and gives them the keys to independence. Education breaks cycles of poverty and hopelessness.

Bringing Light is More Than a Metaphor.

Knowledge is light for the mind. Jesus is light for the soul. Lifting these children’s burdens is both physical and emotional lightness. Bbright resolves to bring light wherever we go. It is a tangible and powerful weapon against the world’s darkness.

Christ-Centered Care is a Key to Healing.

Among all the things Bbright aims to give children, Jesus is the most important. Without him, anything we give is temporary. With him, they see an eternity they can trust.

Instilling Hope is Our Goal.

No child should ever be without hope. It is the only thing that makes their future possible. We’ve seen that when you invest in the essentials, education, and Jesus, the combination can work miracles. It ignites hope in even the most damaged children.

Meet Our Leadership

Brenda Tenison, President

For more than 25 years, Brenda has proven her ability to both lead organizations from the front and build them from behind the scenes. She’s worked for media, finance, marketing, and manufacturing companies as well as nonprofits, and has spearheaded highly visible initiatives while developing the individual teams contributing to them. 

Brenda’s specialties are business development, client services, and marketing, and she knows how to support these endeavors with operations, infrastructure, and an army of volunteers. She is a natural leader, communicator, consensus-builder, and advocate for the organizations she champions and the causes she supports.

Before founding Bbright, Brenda served for six years as Executive Director for The Journey, a media ministry with an international reach; and for four years as the Director of Media Services for The Bible Chapel, a $6M organization. She’s held many other roles as well.

Bbright is the product of Brenda’s heart for at-risk children and her obedience to the Lord, whom she credits for everything.

Meet the Executive Team

John Zanker

Board Member

Glenn Delich

Board Member

Dave Tenison

Board Member

Partner With Us.

Your generosity is more than a contribution to a cause. It’s bold action in a battle for children’s lives.